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NIIturbokompressor (Kazan, Russia) is a leading in Russia and the CIS research and design institute in the field of the modern compressor equipment.

Founded in 1957 as a Special Design Bureau on Compressor Engineering, now the institute is a leader in development and design of compressors, gas compression systems, and compressors stations for oil & gas, nuclear and thermal energy, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries.

The head of the Institute is Albert Ahmetzyanov, together with his team of experienced engineers and scientists, using a modern technical base, provides a high scientific and technical level of developments in the field of compressor technology.

Since 2013 NIIturbokompressor is a part of the machine-building holding company HMS Group.

The compressor & pneumatic equipment manufacturers association
A Refrigeration and Cryogenic Industry Committee of the Russian Engineering Union
  • Over 420 compressor series developed within 50 years
  • More than 4,800 centrifugal and more than 17,800 screw compressor units manufactured by the NIITK’s projects
  • Over 60 countries supplied with compressor equipment designed by NIITK