NIIturbokompressor, being the leading R&D institute of the compressor equipment, regularly holds the science & technology and applied research conferences:

  • International Scientific Conference on Compressor Technics
  • Manufactures & Customers of Compressor Equipment
  • International Science & Technology Conference for Young Specialists

At the round tables young professionals, engineers, and the acknowledged scientists discuss critical issues and exchange views on design and manufacture of the compressor equipment. Section meetings are leaded by professors working in institutes and factories in Russia and abroad and involved in creation of high-tech compressor equipment.

In 1999 NIIturbokompressor established an award named after Vladimir Shnepp, - an honored master of sciences and engineering in the field of compressor equipment. The award is given for significant engineering and scientific works, discoveries and inventions. Since 2011, in order to increase the significance of the award at the national and international levels, the laureates are approved by the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.